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the blast industrialized 1 hundred and 25 arts studio. i ask you stop the cities loan that have a warehouse in the bayview and turn it into a homeless shelter >> thank you. >> okay. would it be possible to have the projector activated, please. >> okay good afternoon, commissioners i'm jonathan i'm a bayview resident. i'm here to talk about a rezoning project. this legislation will be for a special use district it will
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come from the mayor's office and the department of human services and will be designed to 2115 germans as housing. the idea hero is to use a $1 million grant to house homeless. this location was chosen hurriedly. the organization that hopes to get the shelter already has a restaurant adjacent and much of the community believes this was chosen to reduce the consolidation for that contract. i'm going to speak about a specific issue and that's seismic hazard. when the p dr map was designed a
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portion of the map related to discuss macro was fashioned on the zones. you can see on the left hand in green and on the right hand a map of p dr and the area was designed in part to useless those areas which are unsafe for housing. the planning department conducted a large and to her assessments and decided what doess. to keep the housing out. it would be disagrees to house one hundred indistrict folks. just because someone has a $100 million grant. people ask if a one hundred million dollars grant is enough to change zoning on above the
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human services can anyone who comes up with a million dollars have a zoning chance and if the scoping meat what's the detailed of the studies that we do. oh, thank you for your time >> thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> is there any ail any public comment? >> linda chapman for knob hill. i did send in comments and my comments were principally about and jim miller also about the fact that something went terrible wrong with the
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conditional use that was decided last year with no environmental review at all there was a review by you can't judge but another continual use was put forward saying this was temporary and therefore later we will do the eir but we'll lock off this piece and aisle i obviously be that required an initial study. and that piece having been chopped off was used as at the basis for this environmental review. this should have impelling back to the judge and tell me his order was being defiled. something was passed before that increased the activity. i didn't get a chance to comment
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on traffic analysis. well at least they admitted there's no parking up there. ever since i've lived on knob hill the whole area would turn into a wash of traffic. fortunately, there's not very many but with your simon there will be. the things as to how their accommodating people that's american people area that's isolated transportation wise and from main highways and so on if you compare it to the regency. itself up in an area you can hear a pin drop and so-called there's an inflexion of people how do you get them out of the area if there are rock concerts and no transportation. there are two buses lines one
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runs every half hour and the other 20 minutes. each bus takes 50 people so maybe you could move out about one hundred and 50 people an hour something like. there's also a 20 percent grade on the streets that they expect the parking grade people will use it's like high street coming up from the street where the cable car comes and you can't walk up and down that if you're in heels or been drinking >> is there any additional public comment? >> mr. president, and commissioners hello friends 234 in the audience.
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i'm jay i'm here to oppose 11 california. i sent in a letter you've probably all seen planning code interpretation. i think the environmental documentation adapt and restate all linda's comments and the other comments that came in oppositions including from the coalition of san francisco neighborhoods but the fundamental problem is the manner in which this case has been brought up. i don't come here but somebody asked me to take a look at the abc hearings i know what the department approved it was a number one conforming pale use with no enlarge time.
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they're continuing to prosecute the abc license that's why i'm here poor abc license in every single interpretation has always said type 347 which needs a conditional use. you don't jump through the outcome they only have a conditional use of an exiting use of no immense indication of enlargement. so i looked at a little bit deeper. they're trying to get a conditional use you without looking at the special use district. those issues become important in a sequa matter because land use impacts our sequa issues.
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in fact, that's why 2010 deck was thrown anti they forgot to consider the land use impacts so we know we need land impact uses because the judge said it once. if the special use district means anything 235 it means those are special district. they're trying to take the number one conforming conditional use and borrow from a neighborhood conditional use and make it a special use when it's not permitted on page 38 of the knob hill district. we bring it to your attention because we think the land use it is not uses go properly
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>> any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. commissioner that will and places you under your regular calendar >> yeah, i'll have to recuse myself because the proper place ♪ my distance >> do i hear a motion. >> on the motion to rescuing commissioner (calling names) so moved, commissioners, unanimously 6 to zero. had commissioner item 9 for 1111 california ma sonic center
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please note that the public hearing on the draft is closed the draft dir ended and it's not up for comment. good afternoon. i'm bradywith the environmental planning section of the planning department. the item before you is a certification of a final impact reporter report or eir for 5555 california street for the renovation project which proposes to renovate the ground floor california room exhibition haul and carter kitchen allow 2 hundred and 50 folks and allow the ground floor seats to be removed from 1 hundred and 66 to
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3 thousand 3 hundred patrons. the building capacity would not see change with the proposed project. a copy of the draft eir certification - excuse me. the copy is before you. the draft eir was published on september and it was held on may 23rd, 2013. the public comment was closed and it was described on october 31st, 2013. the valuation of the issues contained in the eir found the project will not result in any project significant environmental impacts and not have a impact on the environment. we request the commission adapt
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the proposal and the procures for which the final eir was prepared for the sequa guidelines felt administration code. that concludes my presentation unless the commissioners have any questions. thank you >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask the city attorney to comment on the public comment made by mr. wallace it raises a number of questions that the way beyond my ability to judge. i need guidance because that will greatly influence where we are with this project it's been difficult it's been about 4 years and it's in one group after the other 0 so i need your guidance >> the city attorney's office. there were two issues raised one
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is the question of the non-conforming use and what when a was occurring before the 2012 permit and the second issue that mr. wallace raised was whether or not land use impacts were adequately analyzed in the eir and your staff can speak to that you kevin guy i'll be presenting to you the entitlement portions of the project but the issues raised by mr. wallace. it's been operating the center since the 1950s for the center for concerts and meetings and exhibitions etc. it's a legal non-conforming use inherit with the events the center would often serve alcohol
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and food. my understanding is that historically individual promoters would seek permit from abc and several years ago applied for a type 47 so they could serve alcohol to the general public. the 2012 authorization on the center allowed the continues of the center as it operated in the past for events etc. so as part of the permit the commission established that alcohol has been part of the operation of the center and actually specifically authorized the continued operation of that specific function within the center. so even though the 2007 permit was a means of allowing to
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continue the non-legal process during the research staff was able to establish that indeed historically alcohol l had been served to - so to seek a permit so individuals wouldn't have to get their own permit. the action before you today for conditional use would once again sort of memorialize allow and regulate the sale of acholic beverages at the center but historically it's a consistent pattern of alcohol being served and therefore not be in another
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classification and is the project sponsors intent to only serve and open the boar it's not a general walk in bar >> that's correct. alcohol is served to aprons and it's not to open up a bar to the public. the knob hill district likewise eating and drinking uses with permits but this aspect has been operating and it's part of the overall non-conforming use >> commissioner we'll only talking about the certification of the environmental impact at this time. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm unable to support the
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past particularly the interpretation of saying that the event by event permission is equal to a permanent liquor license. the impact of liquor in this neighborhood has been increasing more noble and it happens a few blocks away and it's an intermittence indication of use if it's a alcohol use in that facility. i don't recall in our previous actions we are that more listening to the neighbors and there was every on open door to say the one-on-one liquor approval is equal to having a liquor license. i remember distinctly what kind of liquor and where it was
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served. i remember we were walking around and carrying champaign and having an increased number of bars serving hard liquor. so i node to put that to the record because i'm unable to move into disbursing this eir on an assumption. >> commissioner. >> yeah, well getting to the environmental impact a part of this decision. i believe one speaker made a point that we did do the conditional use to allow what had been a - it was legal and non-conforming and the permitting was done individually and we allowed that to continue in 2012 but i guess the question
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is should there have an, an environmental piece done. i don't know if that's been done. it's not usually of other sites most notable the venetian room there was in new orleans but i don't know if they had to go through a environmental review i'm talking about the environmental appetites - piece that was raised >> i can't remember the environmental review we do but as far as this project and the eir the ma sonic is a general use under operation and this was
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considered the eir - they were increasing the intensity of taking out the seats to make more room for more folks over 2 hundred and 50 people i forget 2 hundred and 15 events per year. the there per intensity of the masonic. and i >> it was to analyze the new situation what it will be in the slight there of the new participants and the other issues you raised. >> thank you, commissioner sarah jones environmental review officer just to further label. in 2012 what was being sought
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was a tuition of exiting conditions. under sequa there's no delft as was mentioned so the environmental impacts associated with it are not being analyzed under the eir. as for the other venues on knob hill at some point they're seeking newland use approvals that will trigger under sequa >> commissioner hillis. >> just to clarify i'm comfortable that the sequa document it analyze the new prototype use of the intensity
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but i'm assuming that one was there was some environmental review. >> i didn't there were no impacts. it was under sequa and that's what i wanted to clarify >> yeah. i've read over the eir i'm comfortable with that. has been pointed out we're analyzing the there and impact from what the exiting impact whether it be the impact prior to 2012 but the prior impact remained the same we only allowed the existing usage so there was nothing new environmentally. now we've seen a slight intense
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indication we have a document that's been thoroughly done and i'll move to certify the eir >> second. >> commissioner on that motion to certify the environmental impact report (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to one with commissioner moore voting against. commissioners that will place you on item 10 for case 4013 request for authorization. >> good afternoon. i'm kevin. the request is a conditional request that changes the knob hill masonic center to another entertainment use to establish
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food stations. a similar request was approved by the board of supervisors on appeal in 2010. four lawsuits were filed changing that. which also had an effect of avoiding the non use authorization so we had the environmental report that was discussed. the project sponsor filed another certification to allow no new capacitate in the center. that was approved and that was to minimum miss the impacts on the neighborhood. there were restrictions on the event. the center has hosted activities
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with the variety of events like comedy and naturalization ceremonies. the entertainment activities were non-conforms which didn't permit southern activities. it's been operating with southern activities with other applicable applications until the approval. so the draft is for limiting the number of events and limiting the hours and acholic beverages services and the perimeter for security and noise and parking and loading. i'd be happy to discuss any specifics in detail. those were similar but include
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other conditions that were agreed to by parties associated with the litigation. the center proposes to hosted live entertainment activities per year with more than 2 hundred and 50 folks. the facility will host 54 music activities and the center will host other things like banquets and meeting. in terms of the physical changes it will remove the seats to angry other chairs and tables. those changes helps to there the seating to 3 hundred persons. it will up grad the facility for food operations and will add beverage concession areas and no
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alcohol will be served to the general public. the project also include a reconfiguration of the stage as well as new lighting systems. there are no exterior changes proposed to the building. staff received substantial comments from the public in opposition to the application for the site. regarding traffic and loading activity and crime and vandalism and routy in essence. they've received no complaints in the current application. staff recommendation the adaptation of the security and it will allow the continued operation as a matter of cultural and civic importance. should the commission approve the project staff will staub one
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condition the loading dock it reads the pine street will close the camp and there access to the elevators. so staff recommendation that the last sentence be replaced with the following language the project sponsor will upgrade the pine street enhance by the closing the loading dock area. and to remain completely open when cars are exiting the garage. that concludes my presentation i'm available for questions. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor
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>> good afternoon, president and commissioners. here on behalf of the masonic memorial temple which is the owner of the temple which operates the masonic. the masonic was constructed in 1958 and has prayed as a treatment venue. in march the committee approved the masonic to permit it to authorize a modification of the venue. now those changes are tooerg the main floor and increasing the at the end did he see and adding beverage stations. yet in

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